At GIJN we're gathering resources on investigative and data journalism techniques to help journalists working on the coronavirus crisis. Have a suggestion or a great example of watchdog reporting on COVID-19? Send it to us at

Our guide to covering the crisis is now in 13 languages. You'll find tips on the best sources, reporting, and protecting yourself:

Also, our webinar series "Investigating the Pandemic" features these resources:

Upcoming Webinars

May 28 (English) Masterclass on Online Research with Paul Myers -- Sign up here

June 2 (Russian) How to Promote Investigative Work on Social Networks -- Sign up here

June 4 (English) Tracking Billions in COVID-19 Contracts -- Sign up here

Completed Webinars



  • How to Turn Local COVID-19 Stories into Investigations -- Video
  • Mobile Journalism During the Pandemic -- Video
  • How to Understand and Handle COVID-19 Data -- Video
  • Planning A Pandemic Investigation -- Video


  • COVID-19: How to Combat the Infodemic -- Video
  • COVID-19: Investigations for Now and Thereafter -- Video


  • How to Protect Yourself -- Video
  • Investigating the Pandemic: Lines of Inquiry -- Video
  • Scientific Approach to the Coronavirus -- Video
  • Digital Security for Investigative Journalists -- Video to come soon


  • Investigating COVID-19 Without Leaving Home: OSINT Tips -- Video, Story
  • Who Makes Money from the Coronavirus -- Video
  • High-speed COVID-19 Investigations -- Video to come soon


  • Investigating COVID-19: Lessons from the Epicentres -- Video, Story

More stories from GIJN:

COVID-19 Grants for Journalists and News Media Worldwide, in English, Spanish.

COVID-19's Toll on Journalists: 64 Dead in 24 Countries (as at May 5, 2020), in English.

Investigative Tips and Strategies:

Sustainability Strategies

  • How to Minimize the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Media Business, in English, Bangla.
  • How to Adapt Membership Models and Events During the Pandemic, in English, Chinese.
  • Tips for Running An Online Event in the Time of COVID-19, in English.
  • COVID-19 Grants for Journalists and News Media Worldwide, in English, Spanish.

Freedom of Information

  • Tips on Making FOIA Requests on COVID-19, in English.
  • Governments Delay Access to Information Due to COVID-19, in English.
  • Indian Journalists Challenge Government Over Coronavirus Transparency, in English.


  • How Nigeria's ICIR Pushes for Accountability in the COVID-19 Response, in English.
  • How an Innovative Health Website in South Africa is Covering COVID-19, in English.

Data Journalism and Visualizations

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